This sounds as if it were written by Saint Monica. She herself lived this marriage and did what you wrote. Her reaction ended up helping other people in their marriages to abusive spouses and the love that she showed her spouse was integral in his conversion. St. Augustine writes about this in his book Confessions. Thank you for sharing!

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Very nice. Don't know why but I was in two such marriages. In both I was constantly subjected to fits of rage and dark cold silences, as if both wives had the same teacher. In one marriage there were children involved. I believe that half or more of marriages in this time and place are dysfunctional. Anyway, after my last divorce I've lived alone. I'm 73 and I will not marry again. When you marry, it is you, your spouse, and the state, and impossible to get out without much cost and trauma. So now I'm alone but it's not so bad. I'm looking for a female friend and companion. We'll see what happens. Again, nice encouraging article.

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Jenny, I finally got around to reading this saved article and I greatly appreciate that this subject be spoken of. In my case and, I'm sure, in many others there is a mental issue that exasperates the problems, however, as you mentioned it is that understanding of self and spouse and more profoundly closeness to our faith that allows consolation. I've always felt that there's something to learn from this situation and certainly there is from several perspectives. One, mental illness is much more prevalent than we may want to admit, two, challenges help grow, and three, suffering can bring us closer to Christ and His cross. Please understand that I would recommend staying in difficult situations like this to most, but I believe I was given this situation in order to grow emotionally, intellectually and most of all, spiritually.

God Bless,


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