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Thank you, Melissa, for being brave enough to tell your story!

To answer your question: Yes, I am telling my story, even to those I don't know. As a victim of domestic abuse within a marriage, I'm well aware of the trauma, suffering, turmoil and crazy-making such a relationship causes. Add to this the fact that for Catholics, marriage is indissoluble and sacramental, and the confusion and suffering become even greater. What, exactly, does "indissoluble" mean? Is it possible to get an annulment after the breakup of an abusive marriage? How does a Catholic seek help and healing? I began my blog (https://createsoulspace.substack.com) and my website (https://www.createsoulspace.net) to answer those questions, and now I'm in the process of writing a book of my own to help Catholic women who are suffering in this way, entitled Don't Plant Your Seeds Among Thorns: A Catholic's Guide to Domestic Abuse.

Telling our stories is so important. This is what it means to use our suffering for the good of others; through our suffering, trauma, and turmoil--and consequent healing--we can help others walk with Christ as they seek their own healing from life's tragic events.

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