In my own Christian walk,a generational curse or curses have overshadowed me and have caused me to suffer great rejection,greatly hindering my ability to evangelize!

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Beautifully said. Impossible to argue or make excuses for ourselves after reading this. I will just add even Paul said, "What I should do and want to do, I do not do. What I don't want to do, I do". Paul asked "how can I be set free"? His answer was to turn to Jesus. Paul turned to Christ Jesus and then continued his ministry, not looking back. We can say, " Well, Paul was a great man! I am not"! Paul begs to differ with us tho. In another place Paul lists his sins which included killing people. Nothing great in that! Paul knew his greatness was Jesus not himself!

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Absolutely needed this!

It’s so strange how I can intellectually understand this but it sometimes takes experiencing this unworthiness to get closer to Jesus.

In the moment, I would feel so unworthy that it would make going to Confession difficult. (Exactly why Ol’ Hairy Legs loves sin).

Yet with each fall, we are learning to trust, love, and rely on Christ. The more we do this, the more we begin to lean towards His will rather than our own.

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