Is Herbal Medicine Christian?

Is Herbal Medicine Christian? The simple answer is, yes. Anyone of any religion, or none at all, can use herbs medicinally. If you believe in a loving God who created the earth and everything on it including humans, there is certainly no reason why anyone of any religion should be prohibited from using herbs or find using those herbs evil. I even know Christian Scientists, who hold as a matter of their doctrine that they should not go to doctors or use modern medicine, who use herbs for the very reason that God created them for our good. I know of no mainstream Christian denomination that has ever made a blanket prohibition against herbal medicine. Yet, one frequently hears people say, "The Church forbade the use of herbal medicine." They usually mean either the Catholic, Anglican or Lutheran Church, but they rarely specify. It is just a broad, general statement - no edict is cited, or date given for such a proclamation.

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