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The deemphasis on the Bible in Catholic circles is largely a reaction stemming from the Counter-Reformation.

Sure. Sure. A lot of common folks didn’t know the Bible before the Reformation, but both the Reformation and Literacy were a product of the printing press! Before the invention of the press, books were specially hand-made--typically in monasteries--and reading was a specialized skill.

Vatican II’s Dei Verbum attempted to emphasize the laity's engagement with Sacred Scripture, which, as Bishop Barron opines, has been largely unrealized to the present time. So, in large part, this is why I got my M.A.T. with a focus on Sacred Scripture to help the renewal of biblical devotion in the Catholic Church.

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Excellent, thought provoking!!!!! Thank you!!!!!

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Been reading at least one day's scriptures every week for 10 years. If I miss, I go back and catch up. You're absolutely right about it.

"Out of six pieces of armor, only the Word of God is used to attack. Everything else is something we’re given for defense. If we’re not making God’s Word important in our lives, we’ll never be able to use it properly. Our heads will be full of Bible verses we’ve memorized, but our hearts and souls will be left with no way to fight the enemy."

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