Expositions on the Psalms: Psalm 130

“Out of the depths I have cried to thee o Lord!” (Ps. 130:1) It should be noted that the psalmist is addressing God in the first person, thus showing that the psalmist is himself in agony. The “depths” of which the psalmist speaks could refer to Purgatory, but St. Augustine suggests that “... this mortal life is our deep” (Augustine 1) meaning that our life here on earth is the depths from which we cry out to God. This is a beautiful image reminding us that we are only journeying through this life, with the hope of spending eternity with Jesus in heaven, gazing upon the beatific vision. St. Augustine also says that the speaker of the Psalm can be understood to be the prophet, Jonah, crying to God from the belly of the whale. The

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