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I loved Exodus 90. It was extremely challenging and I can't claim to have gone through it with full honors but I can at least say I have gone through it. It jumpstarted my faith at a time that I really needed it. I revisited it the year after my first attempt with a little less gusto, and did not return year 3--I hope to return again in the future though. I revisited it recently and realized how many little things I've kept. It is a valuable program and I am glad to see you promoting it.

If I may presume to make a request, I hope one of the ministries you highlight will be the Legion of Mary. It has likewise leveled up my faith life and deepened my relationship with Mary.

God bless you!

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As a wife of a husband who completed Exodus 90 (and still participates), I stand by this program 110%. It’s not for the faint of heart; and watching my man go through this, it inspired me to treat him with a tenderness I never had before. His heart became more tender towards me and the kids, and in turn, my heart reciprocated. This is a grace-filled program that I can say changes families because the head and the heart unite in a way that turns the family completely to the Father.

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