It moves from process to transformation when we factor in God’s collaboration. Or, rather, our willingness to collaborate with God.

The higher calculus of God wrapping us into him is beyond our pay grade. I have a friend, wicked smart, who’s attempting to structure a database on the presence of virtues in creation.

Not that the struggle to progress is any easier with God. Remember that whole sharpening steel stuff. I believe, though, we can never move anywhere without the transformer molding us.

Somehow this movement must blend in with our eternal life, since a remarkably few of us are transformed here.

I toss all that work of love into the purgation category. Heaven includes Purgatory, that foggy place which resets our cognitive dissonance.

What thinks you?

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Nicely done. It would be interesting to see how you would display the process of vice to virtue according to the seven holy virtue categories. There's surely a phasing forward from the deadly sins to the holy virtues. I might need to paste that somewhere near my writing desk ...

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